Fenthus LLC Bathroom Remodeling Offer Policy

Fenthus LLC Bathroom Remodeling Offer Policy


At Fenthus LLC, we take pride in offering exceptional bathroom remodeling services with a comprehensive and professional approach. Our offers are designed to provide our clients with a hassle-free renovation experience and high-quality results. Below, we outline our offer policy to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction.


1. Scope of the Offer:

Fenthus LLC’s bathroom remodeling offer includes the following services:


  – During the demolition phase, the option to expand the project by demolishing additional spaces such as closets or walls is available, subject to a budget review. The company will handle the proper disposal of all project-generated waste.

Bathroom Design:

  – The offer is tailored for a standard bathroom with dimensions of 5 feet wide, 10 feet long, and 8 feet high.

Preparation, Plumbing, and Waterproofing:

  – Complete preparation and plumbing processes necessary for the project.

  – Waterproofing using Fenthus products to ensure a leak-free new bathroom.

Shower Remodel (60” x 32” with Tiles):

  – Tile cost is included, with a limit of $6.5 per square foot for walls (sizes 12×24 and 24×48) and $18 per square foot for the shower floor. Tub remodeling is included in the price, and a 16×20 niche is provided.

Bathroom Floor Remodeling (with Tiles):

  – Tile cost is included, with a limit of $6.5 per square foot for the bathroom floor (sizes 12×24 and 24×48).

New 48” Vanity:

  – Installation of a new 48-inch vanity.

Mirror with Lighting:

  – Supply and installation of a mirror with built-in lighting.

New Toilet:

  – Supply and installation of a new toilet.

Glass Door (60” x 76”):

  – Supply and installation of a glass door measuring 60” x 76”.

Bathroom Painting:

  – Complete painting of the bathroom.


  – Supply and installation of necessary accessories.

2. Exclusions:

The offer does not cover ceiling light installation, extractor replacement, or door painting. Any additional requests exceeding the initial budget will be communicated and adjusted accordingly.

3. Hiring Process:

Initial Consultation:

  – An initial consultation will be conducted to understand the client’s needs and assess project feasibility.

Detailed Quote:

  – A detailed quote, including all services mentioned in the offer, will be provided.

Client Approval:

  – The client will review and approve the budget before any work commences.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

  – We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and addressing any concerns or issues promptly.

4. Changes and Modifications:

If the client wishes to make changes or modifications affecting the initial budget, they will be informed in advance for approval.


At Fenthus LLC, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations on every project. Thank you for considering us for your bathroom remodeling needs!

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